Staging Your Home to Sell

By Eleanor Alexander on February, 9 2018
Eleanor Alexander

Eleanor is a copywriter, creative, and mac and cheese enthusiast.

Not everyone stages their home when it comes time to sell but the benefits are undeniable. Staging your house can lead to a shorter selling period and higher offer than houses that aren’t staged. Not sure where to start? Read on!

Before you do anything else, nothing will help you more than good, deep clean. This means floors, countertops and windows alike. This may not be the easiest task but it’s certainly the cheapest way to get your house ready to sell.

If you find yourself strapped for time or just altogether overwhelmed, consider hiring a cleaning service to come through the day before a viewing, just to make sure everything is looking picture perfect.

In addition to cleaning, decluttering is one of the most important things you can do to help your home sell. Basically anything you don’t use on a daily basis should go. Whatever is left should be neat and organized.

This includes the insides of closets and drawers, too! This will also maximize the appearance of storage space.

While you’re decluttering, make sure you pack up any personal memorabilia such as family photos or kids artwork - you want to make sure that your potential buyers can picture themselves living in your home, not just you and your family.

A common complaint when it comes to what we’re calling “clutter” is that you’re sacrificing your personal style. But you have to consider that your buyers may not have the same taste as you. You want to appeal to as many people as possible.

It’s okay for a home to look lived-in, but you want to keep things crisp and clean. So while we don’t want to see kids toys littered about or litter boxes in the corners, simple touches like a vase of bright flowers or a platter of freshly baked cookies make the environment feel more welcoming.

Consider painting rooms that are overly dark or oddly colored. Not only will this help brighten up rooms without a lot of natural light, but a nice neutral tone on the walls is more appealing to a larger range of people.

If you have damaged or old hardwood floors replace them with new wood, sand them, and restain. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of refinishing your floors, strategically place some area rugs over that space. While these kinds of issues will be revealed in the house inspection, there’s no harm in putting your best foot forward for the sake of showings.

Rearrange furniture so that there’s plenty of space to walk around. Even consider removing some pieces and putting them into storage. Symmetrical arrangements of furniture help to create a more formal space whereas asymmetrical placements are good for casual areas.

Again, crowded and eclectic may be your preferred decorating style, but buyers could have a hard time picturing the space when it’s filled with someone else’s stuff.

The master bedroom should be gender-neutral. For a nice touch, make sure the wall color coordinates with your duvet and pillows. Any window dressings should match as well.

If the room is largely neutral in color, some artwork or throw pillows work well to bring a splash of color into the room.

Stash your jewelry and other valuables in a safe spot for showings. Take any any off-season clothes out of your closet and make sure all your hangers match, enhancing the appearance of storage space.

Bathrooms can be tricky. While the rest of your house needs to be clean, the bathrooms really have to be spotless. This means new bars of soap and fresh, fluffy towels. It should look pristine.

If a bathroom is particularly small, consider installing a pedestal sink, which will make the space feel larger.

A nice kitchen tends to be high on many homebuyer’s wishlists. But you don’t necessarily need a high-end chef’s kitchen to sell them on your home.

Countertops should be cleared off with one or two decorative items. Remove magnets, pictures, or any other decor from the fridge. Make sure that everything is organized, from the shelves of the pantry to cabinet interiors.

Kitchen appliances are an easy upgrade with an almost guaranteed return on investment. So get rid of dated appliances and replace them. Stainless steel appliances are especially popular and while slightly more expensive, you’ll definitely get your money back (and more!).

Rather than replacing your shabby kitchen cabinets you can probably get away with staining or painting them. It instantly updates your kitchen for cheap.

Staging your home is an essential part of selling your house quickly. Want to know more? Check out our blog here.