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Buying a Home, Finance

Getting a Mortgage with Student Loan Debt
By Eleanor Alexander on April, 6 2018

Student loans can help you achieve great things in academia and set you up for a successful future in your field of study. But being riddled with debt after graduation has its downsides.

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Real Estate, Finance

What is a Home Equity Loan?
By Eleanor Alexander on March, 29 2018

First things first. Before you can understand home equity loans, you have to understand home equity, then you can get to the different types of home equity loans.

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Finance, Buying a Home

The Pros and Cons of Using a Mortgage Broker
By Eleanor Alexander on March, 14 2018

A mortgage broker is not a must-have part of the homebuying process, but you might want one anyways.

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Buying a Home, Home Sellers, Finance, Real Estate

What is Escrow?
By Eleanor Alexander on January, 17 2018

What is escrow and how does it work? No shame if you’re completely clueless, this article should help clear things up.

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Buying a Home, Home Loans, Finance

4 Types of Home Loans: What You Need To Know To Qualify
By Kyle Stoner on November, 24 2017

  The whole mortgage world can seem intimidating to an outsider, especially when you don’t have have stacks of cash ready for a down payment. However, millennials or first-time buyers...

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Home Loans, Buying a Home, Finance

How to Get Pre Approved for a Home Loan in 3 Steps
By Eleanor Alexander on November, 21 2017

First-time buyers are in a very exciting position. You have saved up enough money to get a mortgage, found the right neighborhood and price range you want to go for, and basically told...

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